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Did you know we wrote a book for you?

How To Start An Online Coaching Business​
This book will ease you into the topic of starting a coaching business with an introduction to the coaching industry, trends, terminology, organizations and education paths. After that, you’re diving deeper into the steps to consider before launching a business. 


The book shares in depth which tools you will need to launch your business and provides you with checklists and worksheets to prepare yourself and make sound decisions to set you up for success.

We also have a deal page with special offers for coaches!

Coaching Deals Software Technology
Get special offers tailored to building a coaching business. 
We also search the web for deals that help any entrepreneur to build and run their business. 
Here are categories we typically cover:
  • Coaching Software
  • Coaching Lead Generation Platforms
  • Marketing tools
  • Business software, e.g. for accounting, scheduling, etc.
We also love business automation tools and anything that makes your life as a coach, solopreneur and entrepreneur easier.

We update these deals as often as we find new ones!

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