A Simple Way For Coaches To Create Videos

Did you look at other coaches’ videos and wondered, “how do they do all that?” 

The secret to creating videos is not that mysterious! Let’s talk about how you can create your own videos very quickly with a shortcut. 

Have a Plan

Every business owner who has a great online presence has one thing first: a plan. Knowing what you want to say and to whom (your audience) will help you to create that plan. 

Create Content

You may already have a content plan in place that helps you to plan the blog articles or social media posts you want to release. If you don’t, take this simple approach: 

  1. Create a content calendar. To speed this up, you can use a template –, e.g., Airtable has a free template for a content calendar
  2. List 5-10 ideas for topics you could share in a blog post, Facebook post, video, etc. For example, if you are a health coach, one topic could be “8 Proven Techniques To Reduce Stress Wherever You Are”. 
  3. Write your content. Use tools like FraseTextmetrics, or YoastSEO (#1 SEO WordPress plugin!) to make sure your writing will get found, and is easy to read. 
  4. Plan your release dates on a calendar, e.g., every week on Tuesdays. You can use the Airtable template above. 

Re-Purpose Content

Once you have content, you can begin to repurpose it. Repurposing means “recycling” part of your content in one area (e.g., a blog post) for other uses like social media or video. For example, you can use a sentence from your own article and create a quote image for social media. 

Use a Shortcut to Plan Video Creation

You will use the same repurpose approach to create videos. For example, “listicles” are great for conversion into videos. Listicles are articles with lists. For instance, listicles usually have headlines like “The Top 10 Ways You Can …” or “3 Things Your Body Won’t Tolerate.” So, you can take those “X Things” and turn them into a video sequence. 

Use Software to Create Videos for You

Some software like InVideo will provide you with templates and an import tool to create videos on the fly. To do this, you will simply go into your article, copy and paste the content into InVideo and it will automatically generate a video for you. 

Now, all you have to do is modify your video. Most likely, you will have to shorten it to “bite-size” length. It doesn’t take special video skills and you get to have professionally looking videos that match your content!