Bye Bye Black Friday – Hello More Deals!

Black Friday for Coaches - Bye Bye

A lot of our readers clicked their way around the deals we found for coaches and entrepreneurs.

While most of those deals are gone now, you can still get great deals for your business. We consistently look for coaching-specific tools and for other software and services that help coaches to build great online businesses.

This year, we had found deals for companies like Delenta, The Coaching Tools Company, CoachingLoft and others. Some of these deals included *drumroll* LIFETIME deals! (And this particular lifetime deal is still active!) Those are deals that offer you to pay a one-time fee for the software or product and use it forever. Those were insanely popular.

But we also found great offers for coaches who want to create courses, improve their social media marketing game, and more – here’s an example of all the great brands we had found deals on for you:

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Here’s Where You’ll Find Ongoing Deals:

You can still find deals on our Deals & Promo Codes page. If you are finding a deal we haven’t found yet, send us a message and we’ll add it to the list!

Happy deal hunting.