Irresistible Black Friday Deals for Smart Business Owners

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While everyone’s gobbling up turkey, why not take a moment to gobble up some business growth? Don’t be like your competitors who overeat and miss out on the action. Instead, pay attention this to Black Friday deals for your business and make some smart decisions. In this article, we’ll break down the key areas you should consider when shopping this holiday weekend. Get ready to shop ’til you drop and watch your business soar!


Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Matter for Entrepreneurs

Not only is it a smart time for business owners to sell their offerings, it is also the time to shop smart. While most people act like hedonists, as an entrepreneur, you are smart to think strategically and use this time to determine which areas in your business would benefit from hiring professional services, software to support your operations, or devices to help you stay productive.

Black Friday deals often include great deals for entrepreneurs. If you plan ahead, you’ll have a list handy that includes the business solutions you will use the most in your coaching or consulting practice, and be ready to snag a deal. We cover the WHY and HOW in this article, while you’ll find Black Friday deals (and, yes, Cyber Monday) on our Deals & Promo Codes page.

Cost-Saving Benefits

1. Software Deals

Most coaching businesses are heavily powered by software. You use software to run your coaching business, i.e. via popular coaching platforms. Most likely, you also use a CRM system, accounting software, scheduling tools, and perhaps a tool to plan and automate your Social Media Marketing or general AI and task automation software to help your business operations.

Most likely, you already use some of these software tools. Perhaps you’d like a better one. Or, you’d like to lock in a better rate. Think about which processes or tasks you perform and which could benefit from an upgrade or some automation.

What would make your work a little easier and better organized? Make a list of software you want to keep an eye on for a Black Friday deal (or Cyber Monday, of course).

Here are some valuable tools we have recommended in the past with a brief snapshot of why it’s beneficial. If you click on these links and sign up, we may get paid for the referral, which helps to keep this page up and running:

  • Coaching Software: Let’s start with the obvious. Read our comparison of 14 platforms and watch out for Black Friday deals because many, if not all, will offer something before the year is up.
  • Hubspot: Keep your business contacts organized, never forget a follow-up or wonder about what you’ve last talked about (Was her husband’s name Hank or was that the name of the dog?).
  • InVideo: Start producing videos without a big production team. This tool is like the Canva for video production. It comes with templates, automatically resizes to different formats, and is easy to learn and use.
  • CoSchedule is your Social Media Marketing planner you will not regret getting if you want to master your social media posting and engagement without losing track. It’s like a Swiss Army knife, too, packed with multiple tools to run your (Marketing) show.
  • Descript is another video tool, but we can hardly call it that. It allows any person to edit videos and audios with ease by simply uploading your video, then waiting for the tool to transcribe your video. Once that’s done, you can simply edit by editing the text. You have to see it to believe it. You can even clone your own voice and produce videos without a need for you to rehearse your speech.
  • Canva – Your business likely depends on a lot of marketing collateral, social media posts, presentations, etc. Canva is popular for a reason and they keep improving and adding more features without raising their prices (or not substantially).
  • RankMath is helping you to rank your website higher in search results while also helping you to develop content at fast speed with AI tools and other shenanegans.
  • Sendfox will help you to send newsletters without the heavy learning curve and workload involved in most newsletter tools. And the best about this one: you get a lifetime deal (pay once, use forever).
  • TidyCal is your Calendly alternative and very affordable.
  • Book Like a Boss is great if you need more than a calendar booking tool: it allows you to create event signup pages, landing pages, booking pages for services, and allows you to charge for appointments, and stylize your calendar tool to match your brand.
  • Vista Social: Manage your social media publishing, engagement, analytics, and more—all in one place.
  • VBOUTMaximize customer reach and drive conversions with a powerful marketing automation platform.
  • BIGVU : Speed up how you record videos with AI scripting, captions, analytics, and a mobile teleprompter.
  • Acumbamail: Create email marketing campaigns, automated digital workflows, and responsive landing pages.

2. Device Discounts

Careful on this one. If you’re a gadget fanatic, looking for a Black Friday deal here isn’t hard for you. But as a smart business owner, think about what will make you work most efficiently and help you to look and sound professional. Perhaps it’s time for a computer upgrade, a better sounding microphone or a camera that has better settings available to adjust for the lighting in your room.

Consider these items:

  • A professional microphone: We like Shure and Blue Yeti mics. They are easy to set up for most people and sound great for an affordable budget.
  • Rocketbook: This is less of a traditional gadget, more of a hybrid between technology and classick notebooks. This notebook is reusable, and it lets you digitize and share handwritten notes. You get the joy of writing on paper and the practicality of digitally integrated notes.
  • A business phone: Ooma Office doesn’t necessarily need a device to offer you a professional phone line. You could get a dedicated business phone number that routes to your cell phone, but has a Virtual Assistant routing calls, e.g. after business hours those calls could get routed to a different person or an answering machine.
  • A high-resolution camera: We liked the Nexigo N60 and the eMeet C950, which we have used for years. Both are easy to use without the need for a degree in video technology. They are highly rated and affordable.
  • A digital notebook. We are enamored with the Kindle Scribe. It has the feel of paper when you write on it while being truly digital and holding all your notes while also acting as your book library. You can add your Amazon books, annotate them, add your own PDFs, etc. The alternative would be the famous and popular remarkable 2.

3. Business Service Offers

Are you flying solo? Or, do you desperately need help in an area that would benefit from an expert? Well, write it down.

Many business services and subject matter experts will offer Black Friday deals, but they often aren’t as public. It’s best if you jot down a list of challenges you need help with, and then look for the experts and either sign up for their email list to get informed if they offer a Black Friday deal or simply ask.

Most coaches we have spoken to over the years keep looking for similar services every year. Perhaps this resonates with you as well:

  • Web design – Perhaps you need a revision or an overhaul. Jot down what project you want to finish (perhaps adding a landing page for a new service offering. Respond below and we can refer a few experts other coaches have used and recommended.
  • Lead generation – Ahh yes, leads. We all need them. Cleverly is the leading provider for LinkedIn leads and we’re certain they’ll have an offer on the books for this holiday season.
  • Virtual Assistants and experts for every field you could think of are listed on Fiverr, a freelance platform that allows you to book affordable expert help for your business. For example, you can find web design help, social media experts, or experts who format your book for publication on Amazon, logo designers, etc. Some even offer subscription services that allow you to save substantially.
  • Email Optimization. If you want to succeed in business, you need to collect emails and reach your audience with it. It is the #1 communication channel we use every day and it is highly personal. If your email get’s flagged for spam, you will lose substantial business. The horror stories are surprising. Read up on it in this article about how email marketing campaigns get more leads and consider hiring an expert if you want your email sequence or funnel to succeed.

4. Entrepreneur Education

You won’t stay in business for long if you stop learning. That investment into your own growth is having a spillover effect. Do you make strategic learning part of your goals? What areas do you need to invest in to keep learning?

We know it’s hard to keep up with the information load these days. That’s why it’s important to be strategic about your learning. Identify areas you’d want to expand into and then search for courses, books, and other learning services. Here are some examples that we love:

  • Blinkist: 15-minute book summaries that you can listen to on your way to the airport or read and bookmark if you prefer reading over audio. It gives you an overview of the main ideas so you can decide whether it’s worth digging deeper into the matter.
  • Storyshots: This app also gives you book summaries, but uses videos and audio to do that. It is more focused on audio-visual learners.
  • Coaching schools and organizations like the ICF offer industry-specific education and many of them have offered Black Friday deals in the past.

Why You Should Take Strategic Advantage of Black Friday Deals

1. Planning Ahead for Business Growth

Instead of paying for month-to-month subscriptions, plan ahead and get a Black Friday deal for your business. Don’t sign up for every software or service that looks intriguing. Remember that not everything that shines is gold. Review what you need to accomplish next year to grow your business and jot down your list of items to buy, then take advantage of the offers and otherwise keep your head down and spend wisely. Anyone can spend money; you are investing it.

2. Lifetime Benefits and Long-Term Savings

When you shop for business services and tools during the holidays, you often get to lock in long-term savings. We’ve signed up for software many times via Black Friday deals and were pleasantly surprised at how many vendors would renew our annual contract at the same rate (or close to it).

Even if your renewal rate is at the normal price, that still saves you a substantial amount of change if you sign up for an annual subscription for most software or service packages. In addition, you’ll enjoy a single invoice to file, instead of a monthly bill to track in your accounting system.


In conclusion, Black Friday presents a golden opportunity for smart business owners to secure lifetime benefits and long-term savings. By taking advantage of Black Friday deals, you can lock in favorable rates for business services and tools, ensuring significant savings over time.

Additionally, opting for annual subscriptions streamlines your accounting process with a single invoice to manage. So, make your list, seize the offers, and remember, you’re not just spending money—you’re making strategic investments in your business’s growth.

For more deals and promo codes released by software and service providers, come back to the deals section. We try to update it as often as possible when new deals are dropped.

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