The Beginner’s Hands-On Coaching Industry Guide

Are you new to coaching? Are you considering adding coaching to your career path? Or, are you contemplating starting your own coaching business?

If so, you will need a primer to guide you through the complexity of a fast-growing industry.

Coachilly’s Ultimate Industry Primer will ease you into this topic and answer your most pressing questions.

This free guide to professional coaching covers four parts:

What is Professional Coaching?

Get a basic understanding of the coaching industry, and find out what a professional coach does. Learn about the variety of coaching specializations, and the audience seeking these services. It will also answer the question whether you need to get certified, what regulations exist, and so on.

The Coaching Business Model: Coaching as a Business, Career, or Side Gig

Find out what skills you need to be effective, how to start your own coaching business, and get templates and advice to start coaching today.

Helpful Resources for Your Coaching Life

Get an overview of industry associations, available education and certifications, software and technology to help you become operational quickly.

Establishing Yourself as a Professional Coach

Discover the basic principles necessary to start, grow, and maintain a successful business and career.

This free mini-guide contains 9 pages on how to define your coaching niche and how to find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) so you can build your business.

Get your free guide here.