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Fast Video Editing for Beginners Using Descript and Other Tools

Video is a must – especially for coaches and consultants. But editing can be time-consuming. Descript makes video editing for beginners easy.

no-code platforms for lead generation sales funnels

Harnessing Sales Funnels and No-Code Platforms for Coaching Success

How can coaches stay updated on industry and technology trends while continuing to source new leads? Check out no-code platforms.

best coaching certification banner

Top Coaching Certification Programs in 2024

There are many ways to become a certified coach, but which are the best coaching certification programs of high quality that are widely accepted?

fast coaching video creation tools

Create High-Impact Coaching Videos – FAST!

Here’s how to create high-quality coaching videos in less time using powerful tools and a simple process. Perfect for coaches to increase their reach.

ICF Core Competencies Guide

The In-Depth But Simple Guide To ICF Core Competencies

To get the popular ICF certification, you need to know and apply the ICF core competencies. We broke them down to help you remember them.

Creating Courses That Actually Sell - Cover Image

Creating Courses That Actually Sell: A No Nonsense Blueprint

In a world filled with empty promises and scammy shortcuts, it’s time for a refreshingly different approach to creating courses.

DIY Logo Design Cover Image

Professional DIY Logo Design in Under 5 Minutes

Imagine a logo design that not only captures your brand but also magnetically attracts the right clients. This practical guide shows you how.

taskade review banner

Exploring Taskade – Honest Review by a Small Business Owner

In this Taskade review, we explore the use of this AI-powered platform for small business productivity.

FREE Coaching Forms and Templates (banner image)

2024’s Best Platforms for Coaching Forms and Templates

Get a review of the top platforms that offer coaching forms and templates, designed to bring efficiency and structure to your coaching sessions.

Business Plan Guide for a Coaching Business

Crafting a Winning Business Plan for Your Coaching Business

Learn how to create an effective business plan tailored to your coaching venture. Step-by-step guidance for aspiring coaches.

scheduling tools as alternatives to calendly

5 Better Scheduling Tools – Compared To Calendly

Scheduling tools help you to book coaching calls while you focus on what matters in your business: coaching. We compared 5 tools to Calendly.

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