Danelle Rush: How I Started Coaching

Coachilly Guest Danelle Rush

Coachilly started a new series, called Coaches & Coffee with Coachilly. In the short and sweet coach interview, coaches share their story to inspire other coaches – and those who want to become coaches.

In the first interview with Danelle Rush, she shared how she started and what she has worked for her in building her coaching business.

Watch the replay below (about 15 min.) or read the transcript.

The Coach Interview Summary

What Inspired You To Become a Coach?

It all started with coffee. Encouraging people were always my favorite thing to do. So, I started having coffee, which is what I love about what you’re doing: is this having coffee with random people. When I did, people quickly started sharing what’s going on in their lives and they always left the coffee time with me strengthened and couraged to overcome whatever they were facing.

I was also learning so much from my own coach and was excited to meet every week, because it made such a big difference in my life!

How Did You Become a Coach?

Finding a coach who was able to train me while I was still trying to figure out this new journey that I was going to go on was the start of it. Also, I was reading in my Bible when I started noticing what I had written, probably years ago, and it hit me in that moment that my entire life had these definitions to them and what they meant for me. My purpose all along was something I was already doing. This then became my purpose and my coaching business name: 3E – Encourage, Empower, Equip.

We have to LISTEN to hear.DANELLE RUSH

What Was Your Biggest Contributor to Success in Your Coaching Business

You know, you’re not going to get it right all the time. You will have those moments where you realize it didn’t go so well. You have to get comfortable making mistakes. You’ll have to let your heart do the thinking.

The biggest thing that I have is learned is to listen to hear. Their heart will tell them the answers. It’s not about what you think but what they already know.

What’s the Funniest or Most Endearing Thing You’ve Experienced in Coaching?

The most endearing thing is having a front row seat in seeing breakthrough in your client’s life. It is so rewarding when you see the light bulb come on.

For example, one of my clients who was struggling with starting over. As I was asking questions, I could watch him becoming more clear.

He initially came into the sessions saying all the ‘right things’ instead of the honest things. So, I kept asking him questions about ‘the real why’: When he heard himself speaking about the real ‘why’ and what he was doing, the light bulb came on.

Interview Replay

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