Jen Rogers Shares How She Started Her Coaching Business

Jen Rogers Interview - coaching business

Jen Rogers was my phenomenal second guest on the “3C Series: Coaches & Coffee with Coachilly” livestream! This event format is scheduled every two weeks and established coaches share how they have built their coaching business.

Jen shared what made her become a coach. She also shared how she got trained, what she would do differently in building her coaching business and she shared inspiring insights (video replay below).

Coaching Interview Summary with Jen Rogers

Jen realized that she had always cared deeply about people and had done some form of coaching without realizing it. When she realized she had a need that no one covered at the time, she started her coaching business, Step Family Possible! (™), and her

Certifications demonstrate a willingness … to pursue excellence.

Jen Rogers

She decided to get her professional coach training with PCCI, the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Doing this and getting certified was important to her. Pursuing a certification signified to her that she was willing to dive in and become proficient to the point of excellence.

Her biggest contributor to success, as she shared during the interview, was getting help for the things she was not the expert in.

In closing, she shared an endearing story related to her coaching and podcast. She also shared what she would like Coachilly to cover in the near future, namely, she would like to see mentoring to be offered within the community. In addition, creating intentional get-togethers within the coaching business community to help each other would be something Jen believes would be helpful to coaches in building successful coaching businesses.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts!

  • What would you like to know about coaching?
  • What topics should we cover going forward?
  • What would help you in your coaching business?

Interview Replay: Jen Rogers

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