Simply.Coach Coaching Software Review

Last week, I invited Ram from Simply.Coach to join me on a livestream to showcase a demo of their coaching software. Ram had seen the article comparing coaching software in a side-by-side review and reached out to introduce Simply.Coach. The demo video below is about 35 minutes long and shares how Simply.Coach works, what kind of coach it is best for and how it’s priced.

This review was not sponsored and Simply.Coach is not an affiliate of Coachilly.

Simply.Coach’s platform aims to help coaches to be free to do what they love most: coaching. Their feature-rich software keeps coaches organized and frees up time normally spent on administrative tasks. 

This coaching platform supports individual coaches and businesses with a team of coaches. This review focuses on the support of individual coaches. Another review will follow to address their solution for business accounts.

Automation & Organization

Simply.Coach helps coaches to automate repeatable tasks so they can focus more on coaching and less on administration. A good example of this is their “nudge” feature. Nudges help coaches to predefine how often and through which channel a coaching client should get reminded. 

Benefits of the “Nudge” Feature

The nudge feature comes in handy before upcoming coaching sessions. If you ever had a client miss their coaching session, you will appreciate this feature. 

It also frees you up from having to manually review your client’s engagement level and manually sending reminders to keep the momentum. For example, if an action becomes late, you can set a nudge to check in with the client to see if they are stuck and need help to complete the activity.

Coaching Content Library

A lot of coaches look for ready-made content they can bring into their coaching to complement their own material. Simply.Coach provides some templates here, but is also beginning to partner with content providers to build a rich library of diverse content in different formats.

This is different from many other platforms. Most providers provide their own content and don’t partner with established authorities in their area to provide useful content to coaching clients. The content provided in pre-existing libraries sometimes includes worksheets. 

Simply.Coach added additional content areas here to enrich the user experience here by including book summaries, coaching contract templates, book summaries, and more.


Pricing is straight-forward and affordable for any stage of coaching. You scale as you grow, meaning, the more clients you have and the bigger your library, the higher the price per month, but the lower the cost per client. 

So, as you grow, cost go down. At the time of writing this article, Simply.Coach offers two simple plans:

  • Starter @ USD 10/month for coaches who are just getting started. The Starter plan covers 5 active clients.
  • Growth @ USD 50/month for coaches who have an established practice. The Growth plan covers an unlimited number of clients and comes with unlimited storage.

What stands out is that pricing is kept simple: you get to use all features, regardless of the plan you select. Pricing changes only as you add more clients.

Take advantage of Simply.Coach’s generous 30-day free trial period to test the platform:

  • List your needs.
  • Prioritize your needs.
  • Create a checklist before you register describing what you will test (scenarios).
  • Set up your test account.
  • Set time aside to connect with customer support when you run into obstacles so you can test support as well.
  • Evaluate against your criteria and make a decision.

Testing this way is important: you will unlikely switch providers once your entire list of clients is on your chosen platform and has become your business backbone.

Watch the replay of the live demo with Ram:

Let us know what you think! If you want a review of another coaching platform or other software, comment below!