Impostor Syndrome in Coaching – Powerful Tips by Kris Kelso

Impostor Syndrome Coaching Kris Kelso

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Kris Kelso, Executive Coach and Author of the book “Overcoming The Impostor.” In his book, Kris defines what Impostor Syndrome is, how it affects coaching (and coaches!).

What was interesting for the coaching community are three items that stood out:

  1. How coaches are affected by Impostor Syndrome and what it means
  2. How coaches can help their clients with the content in Kris’ book
  3. How coaches can build successful businesses by using on one of Kris’ key success factors.

Kris Shares Powerful Tips To Grow Your Coaching Business

Kris shared valuable insights in all three areas. Learn from the interview what you need to change to land more clients by making just one small but powerful change.

One of those insights was based on research on what it takes to attract clients and convert them to work with you. Similarly, we shared an article a while back, called How to Turn Free Consultations Into Winning Clients.

Dig Deeper Into The Topic Of Impostor Syndrome

Kris’ book is an absolute asset for your coaching library. Why? First, because his book comes loaded with questions you can use during your coaching sessions. Second, Kris shares in the video how he uses it in group coaching. Third, Kris shares how Impostor Syndrome hits coaches. His book is available on Amazon.

Kris shares how to easily use the book in your coaching practice to help your clients deal with Impostor Syndrome. Use the chapter links in the YouTube video description to jump to the last segment to hear how Kris uses his book with coaching clients.

Do You Coach on Impostor Syndrome? Share your thoughts!

  • How do you experience Impostor Syndrome personally?
  • How do you coach clients on the topic of Impostor Syndrome?
  • What other topics would you like to see covered on Coachilly?

Interview Replay: Kris Kelso on Impostor Syndrome and Coaching

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