8 Coaching Opportunities You Could Start Today

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It takes time to find your ideal coaching niche. We’ve briefly described 8 broad areas, or coaching opportunities, to help you narrow down your coaching niche.

Do you feel led to coach but aren’t sure where to start or what niche to coach in? That’s totally okay. We even have a free guide to help you identify your coaching niche in 6 steps.

It may take a little bit of time, but the perfect industry for you IS out there…you just have to find it.

Hopefully, this article will help narrow down your choices and allow you to hone in on an opportunity!

8 Coaching Opportunities for Anyone Wanting to Enter the Market

Life Coaching

If you want to help guide people on their journeys through life, you may be a great life coach! And, once you narrow down your ideal client, you’ll have the pleasure of only working with who you want to! To identify your ideal client within the broad category of “life” coaching, think about the areas of expertise you can offer unique support in. There are parental coaches, balance coaches, etc.

Spiritual Coaching

You can help walk people through their spiritual journeys. You can provide guidance and help them work through conflicts and find resolutions. Many coaching lead platforms, including Thumbtack, have given this type of coaching it’s own category.

Health & Fitness Coaching

One of the most well-known forms of coaching is in the wellness industry. But, with the accessibility of 2021, you can now become a fitness or wellness coach entirely online–and never have to leave your house.

Business Coaching

Whether you have built your own business or helped others grow theirs, there is an insane opportunity for business coaches. If you’re confident in your ability to transform businessmen and businesswomen, this could be perfect for you. It is important to distinguish between consulting and coaching when you enter this field to stay compliant with ethical guidelines and adherent to the ICF rules.

Relationship Coaching

Many people need guidance on how to navigate the relationships in their life. While they could be intimate, you will find a lot of people who need help with every relationship: parents, friends, coworkers. This is a great niche to help people to resolve conflict, restore relationships, improve communication, to name only a few of the frequently occurring needs clients have in this area.

Confidence Coaching

A confidence coach works with people who feel insecure, don’t see their potential, or can’t overcome challenges due to an overwhelming lack of confidence.

Children’s Coaching

This is possibly one of the most powerful forms of coaching since you will be helping lead the next generation. If you enjoy working with children and are ready to make a powerful impact, this could be for you.

Divorce Coaching

Although this could be included in relationship coaching, a professional divorce coach can help empower hurt individuals and allow them to feel safe working with you through the challenges of divorce. 

Coaching Opportunities Concluded

As you can see, the opportunities in this world are limitless. Whether you want to work with fitness influencers, spiritual workers, or relationships, you are needed.

If you resonate with any of these ideas, begin to think about the types of challenges you can lend most support for. You may ask yourself what the most pressing needs of your potential clients would be.

A good exercise is the buyer-persona identification: this is where you give your ideal client a name and begin to describe the person’s preferences and challenges. This will help you to refine your narrative (your messaging on your website, on social media and direct interactions) so that you resonate with your ideal audience.

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We recommend you spend a good amount of time on this part of your research as you build and refine you business. You may refine this a few times before you find your ideal coaching niche. But you know the old saying: If you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life. It’s also true that a well-defined niche helps you to reach more clients!