7 Ways to Maximize Productivity as an Online Coach

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Becoming a coach is such a rewarding career! One of the challenges you may be familiar with is ensuring satisfying productivity as a coach when you have to juggle multiple business responsibilities. 

No one is forcing you to clock in.

They aren’t making you show up.

You set your deadlines and even manage all tasks.

It can get to be a bit much, especially if you don’t have great productivity levels.

Since we know how vital it is to take the time to rest and recover for us to be the best coaches for our clients, we have to maximize our work time to be as productive as possible.

Here are some tips and tricks to try to help you always stay on track and increase productivity as a coach and as the entrepreneur you are.

7 Ways to Increase Productivity

Have A Plan

The worst way to start a day when you need to get a lot done is by going in without a plan. Each night, write down everything you need to get done the next day. That way, you don’t have to think about the next morning and you can get started right away.

Prioritize Tasks

Once you have your list of what needs to get done, prioritize your tasks into a list of 5. Place the ASAP, important, and harder tasks in the top 1-3. This way, even if you only finish a couple of items on your list, you’ll have at least finished the most important.

Clear Your Space

If you have clutter around your working area, it’s time to clean. Without a clean working environment, you may find that you’re too distracted to finish tasks.

Eat and Move

Oftentimes, we forget to eat and move, while just sitting in the same spot all day. Don’t forget to get up, walk around, and eat your lunch! Having this fuel will give you more energy to complete tasks.

Say Yes to Less

You don’t have to take EVERYTHING on, do you? Sometimes, the best way to maximize your productivity is by taking on fewer projects to free up space in your mind.

Work in Silence

Just like having a clean space, having a quiet area where you can sit and maximize your work is one of the best ways to stay productive. When things are playing in the background, they can easily become distractions.

Take Breaks

We can’t work 24/7. It’s okay to take a short break each hour or in between projects. Use this time to relax and focus on anything other than work.

Wrapping Up Ways to Increase Productivity as a Coach

We know how draining work CAN be–and that’s because we prioritize our time to maximize our productivity.

Then, we have to spend all hours of our days focusing on the same tasks because we weren’t on track to get them done.

With these productivity tips, you’re bound to reach a new level of success while maintaining your sanity!