“Progress Over Perfection” – Dr. V on Building A Coaching Business

Valencia Moses coaching business

Dr. Valencia Moses, a.k.a. “Dr. V” joined us as a phenomenal guest in August 2021 on our YouTube livestream! This event format is scheduled every month. In this format, established coaches share how they have built a successful coaching business.

Dr. V shared about her educational upbringing in coaching and what she would recommend to new coaches who want to build a coaching business as she shared inspiring insights (video replay below). She also joined Coachilly as a leader in video live hosting and you can see her interviewing her first guest here.

Make sure you listen to her inspiring story in this short video. Dr. V shared with a lot of good energy and imparted her key learnings in this energetic livestream. If you would like to be interviewed and have great things to share with the coaching community, please fill out this (short) form

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Interview Replay: Dr. Valencia Moses


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