Leadership Coaching Is Now The Fastest Growing Coaching Segment

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Leadership Coaching is a fast-growing segment in the steadily growing coaching industry. American employees spend about $166B on leadership development every year. 

An industry survey found that leadership coaching is also the most dominant trend within executive coaching. 89% of business-internal and external coaches cited “leadership development programs with additional coaching” as a likely or highly likely trend through 2022. 

Executive coaching produces a 788% ROI. Share on X

61% of all business coaching is now designed to develop leadership, compared to just 43% in 2006 per a recent Sherpa Coaching Survey. 

Why this matters to Leadership Coaches

Online business coaching has been trending for a few years. Leadership coaches are part of this trend. There are an estimated 50K+ professional executive coaches worldwide, offering their services online and offline.

And one study found that executive coaching produces a 788% ROI. That’s not all: more and more amazing statistics become available now that show the power of leadership coaching. Continuously added proof will help to demonstrate the credibility of the service of coaching and further establish leadership coaching as a more widely known and used service.

What Leadership Coaches Should Do

Leadership Coaches should use available studies like the above to show proof of impact, or ROI.

Furthermore, new Leadership Coaches should consider joining Ezra, an app specifically designed to connect leadership coaches to organizations. 86% of businesses using Ezra report a positive ROI. And 99% of clients who had received coaching via Ezra were satisfied: 14,000+ sessions have received a 5-star rating from coachees. 

Other platforms that match leadership coaching candidates with coaches are Noomii and LinkedIn’s ProFinder service:

Noomii is a coaching directory helping customers to find individual coaches across the US and Canada. More than 2K leadership coaches are listed on Noomii, second only to life coaches. LinkedIn ProFinder is a premium service on LinkedIn that allows professionals to get matched with service providers, including leadership coaches.

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