Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days (2nd Ed.)

Start a Coaching Business in 30 Days - Book by Coachilly Magazine

Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days – A Step-By-Step Guide is now available on Amazon! We are excited about this announcement since the book was amended with a lot more information and worksheets. Our readers stated they love practical advice, so we’ve packed a few more chapters to help with some items coaches often prefer to get their own hands involved in, like their websites.

The book provides exactly what the title says: a step-by-step guide with worksheets. We’ve even provided an access code inside the book for readers who want to reprint those worksheets.

Who Will Benefit From This Book

  • Anyone interested in the coaching profession
  • Coaches wanting to start a coaching business
  • Coaches or coaching business owners who want a step-by-step guide and planner

A Look Inside “Start A Coaching Business in 30 Days”

The second edition of Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days gives you everything you need to start a coaching business of your own – even if you have no business experience – in as little as 30 days. It starts with an industry deep dive, explains industry trends, explains important organizations, and helps you to understand the different education paths and how to choose one that’s worth the money. 

After that, you’re getting equipped with the essential steps and business tools you need to start a coaching business. Lastly, Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days provides you with an in-depth planning section that includes examples, checklists, and worksheets to make sound decisions for your business to set you up for success.

We found it important to make this book practical. There are many great books covering theory in depth, but we saw a lack of books helping someone to create a coaching business plan without a business degree or background in coaching or entrepreneurship. This prompted us to publish the print edition in workbook format and embed worksheets and working segments with action prompts in the later part of the book.

What’s New With The 2nd Edition Of Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days

The second edition of Start A Coaching Business in 30 Days is nearly twice as long as the first edition because we have completely updated the entire book and added important information to every chapter. We have also added additional segments on important parts you will need to start a coaching business, such as creating compelling websites and having coaching templates. This is no easy endeavor for someone starting a business, especially if you have no prior knowledge or experience in this area. 

We have added a ton of resources with links to make starting and building your business as easy as possible. We have also added more of the popular worksheets and kept the print edition in letter format (workbook style) so you can work directly into the book. 

For those of you who are digital natives, we recommend opening the digital book version on a tablet. We also provide instructions in the book to download the worksheets with a passcode to use them in PDF for digital editing or to print them as needed. The entire book was restructured to make the navigation even easier to follow. 

Where To Get Your Copy of Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days

We’ve made Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days available in two formats: print and eBook. The print edition is a letter-size workbook! You can directly plan your business inside the book. Alternatively, we have provided an access code inside the book to re-print the worksheets.

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