You Need 5 Things To Attract Clients With Your Landing Page

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But creating a landing page isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are a few important things to always take into consideration.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like: a page your reader, follower, or prospect lands. It provides a significant amount of information regarding your product of service.

They can be used within your funnel offers or stand-alone pages for your clients to stumble their way onto. Regardless, landing pages have proven to significantly increase conversions.

Although you want to put thought into your landing page, get fun with it! Remember that your clients, readers, and fans want to hear from you – especially if you are trying to get them to pay you.

How to Write a Landing Page

You can build your landing page however you want to. You just want to make sure to include what your product is, who it helps, and why they need it. But, if you are feeling a little stuck, this may help.

The first thing you want to include on your landing page is a headline that says what your product is and how it will help the reader.

Then, list out a few examples of how your product can be used or how it can change the reader’s life.

After narrowing down your audience, it is a safe bet to dive a little deeper into the benefits of your project. For example, use a bullet list to write out significant ways your product or service helps people.

About ¾ of the way through your landing page, you may want to consider introducing yourself to the audience. This will not only bring authenticity to your page, it will also build more trust with your potential customer.

Lastly, try to include a few specific points about who your product/service IS for and who it ISN’T for.

5 Things You Must Include

Let’s summarize what you’ll need on your landing page to ensure highest conversions.

  1. You need to start with a great headline.

Instead of mentioning who you are or your product, write a headline that captivated the reader.

  1. You need to include the benefits of your product.

Before mentioning what your product actually is, let the reader know how their life will change after getting it.

  1. You need to elaborate about your product.

Now that you have mentioned your product, remind your reader of the reasons that your product is so beneficial to them.

  1. You need to specify who your product is for.

Since your product won’t help everyone, let the reader know who you created it for.

  1. You need to specify who your product isn’t for.

Not only will this identify your true prospect, it will also help you build trust with your audience by not trying to sell to everyone.

Once all of this is included, your landing page is ready to launch!

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