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How to start an online coaching business

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About This Book

● Do you dream about starting your own coaching business?

● Is something holding you back?

● Are you overwhelmed by the unknowns or the risk?

● Would a step-by-step manual be useful to you?

This book will ease you into the topic of starting a coaching business online with an introduction to the coaching industry, trends, terminology, organizations and education paths. After that, you’re diving deeper into the steps to consider before launching a business. 

Finally, the book shares in depth which tools you will need to launch your business and provides you with checklists and worksheets to prepare yourself and make sound decisions for your business to set you up for success.

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Available Formats

E-Book or Kindle

This version is great if you prefer to read your book anywhere you take your devices. The digital version allows you to easily click and open the large amount of links provided in this book.

The worksheets in this book are accessible via a digital key provided in this book to allow you to access a password protected website. This way, you can download and print only what you need.

Print Version

The print version of this book comes in US Letter format and allows you to use it like a workbook. The worksheets in the second part of this book leave you space to work through your own business planning and a reference you can return to at a later point.

You can also download additional copies of these worksheets with the access provided inside this book to a password protected website. All referenced links are neatly sorted and listed at the end of this book - outlined by chapter.

Reader Review

A Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Coaching Business!

Your Ultimate Guide to Start an Online Coaching Business is packed full of information on starting a coaching business. It covers everything you need to know, from explaining what coaching is to attracting your very first client.

The author has pulled together a complete guide to starting a coaching business with tips ranging from choosing the right career path to getting the proper certification and that first client. I found the book well organised and easy to understand, with helpful links to additional tutorials and worksheets if I wanted to know more. This book is not your run-of-the-mill "start an online business" book. It is a complete guide to setting up a successful coaching business, whether it's a side gig or a full-fledged business. I found the step by step instructions on finding that first client helpful, and it's clear that the author has extensive experience in the field.

The author uses straightforward language to discuss a wide range of ways to connect with your prospective clients. She discusses techniques like understanding your client's needs to actively listen to each individual's needs. The book explains the importance of identifying your ideal customer and niche, which I found helpful. She clarifies throughout the book that your coaching business is not about selling coaching classes but delivering a valuable service to someone in need of help.

Overall, I found this book to be a very informative and comprehensive read. The tips, worksheets, and exercises were concise and helpful to building a coaching business online. It is a great resource that can be referred to time and time again.
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Iza L.
(Planning to become a Career Coach)

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