2024’s Best Platforms for Coaching Forms and Templates

Effective coaching goes beyond instinct—it’s also about having the right tools at your disposal.

In this guide, we highlight the top platforms that offer essential coaching forms and templates, designed to bring efficiency and structure to your coaching sessions. These platforms simplify administrative work and enrich client interactions, proving crucial for coaches who are serious about enhancing their practice.

Stay ahead of the curve: leverage these tools to ensure your coaching service operates smoothly and stands out in a competitive field.

The Best Platforms for Coaching Forms and Templates:

Bonsai: Best Template Customizability

Plans & Pricing Starter: $25/month
Professional: $49/month
Business: $79/month
Reviews (Trust Pilot, G2, Capterra)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Additional FeaturesE-signatures, CRM integration, Project management
User FeedbackUsers praise HelloBonsai for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and excellent customer support.

For coaches in search of a platform that truly understands their unique needs, Bonsai emerges as a standout solution.

Seamlessly guiding coaches from the initial client engagement to the successful completion of coaching sessions, Bonsai covers every aspect of the coaching journey, including the vital process of connecting with potential clients.

Its user-friendly interface and customizable templates make Bonsai not just a versatile tool for current client management, but also for impressing potential coaching clients and turning inquiries into fruitful coaching partnerships.

Popular Coaching Forms and Templates
Intake FormInvoices
Coaching PackageClient Contract
Terms & Conditions Action Priority Matrix
Coaching Evaluation Form Coaching Session Template

But that’s just the beginning.

Bonsai’s offerings extend far beyond templates, encompassing a suite of features designed to enhance every facet of a coach’s practice. Coaches can efficiently manage clients, automate tasks, and seamlessly integrate calendars, reducing the administrative load.

Dive deeper, and you’ll find expense tracking and financial insights to bolster financial management, while time tracking ensures fair compensation for services rendered. Bonsai also prioritizes the security of client communication with secure digital tools and offers the flexibility of mobile accessibility without compromising confidentiality. It empowers coaches to streamline their practice, allowing them to focus on what they do best – coaching.

Pros Cons 
Automated remindersLearning curve
Client communicationLimited industry customization
Contract and proposal generation 
Expense tracking & management 
Comprehensive invoicing 

Beyond the coaching forms and templates we have seen on Bonsai, it’s worth noting that Bonsai is capable of far more. We feel it’s important to highlight three features that most coaches and consultants use frequently – all hosted conveniently within a single platfom:

❶ – Scheduling: Avoid the cumbersome back-and-forth when you try to lock down a good time to meet with a prospect or client. Bonsai allows you to create a page that your contacts can conveniently go to and pick a time that suits their schedules and is available on yours. The scheduling tool can be customized for your brand and will even send reminders if you want that.

Bonsai scheduling tool for coaches and consultants

❷ – Invoicing: No need to sign up for multiple tools. Bonsai allows you to handle all your invoicing from a single platform. You can even collect payments with your invoice, and handle you bookkeeping. It couldn’t get any more convenient!

Bonsai invoicing tool

❸ – Client and Project Management: Most coaches also run a consulting arm of their business. Keeping all information neatly organized and keeping track of your projects and customer conversations and follow ups is hard when you have to roam around different platforms. Consider consolidating your multi-software approach and have a big sigh of relief knowing that all your information stays nicely organized and connected in a single place.

Dubsado: Comprehensive Client Management

PricingStarter Plan: $20/month or $200/year
Premier Plan: $40/month or $400/year​​
Review & Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐
User FeedbackUsers appreciate the organization and automation features

Dubsado shines as an all-encompassing business management solution designed specifically for coaching professionals.

Centered on coaching, Dubsado provides a diverse array of features that not only streamline administrative tasks but also elevate client interactions, fostering an environment of enhanced efficiency within coaching businesses.

Coaching Forms and Templates
Coaching Agreement TemplateProgress Tracking Sheets
Client QuestionnairesCoaching Intake Form Template 
Session Feedback FormsGoal-setting Worksheets

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Client Management: Coaches can create and customize forms and templates, tailoring them to the specific requirements of coaching agreements and client questionnaires.
  2. Invoicing & Reporting: This not only facilitates smooth financial transactions but also contributes to a more professional image. However, it’s important to note that while invoicing is a strength, some users may find the pricing structure relatively higher, particularly for smaller coaching businesses.
  3. Scheduling: Coaches can set the availability, and clients can book appointments within those time slots. This scheduling feature enhances communication and ensures that coaches and clients are on the same page regarding session timings.
  4. Automation: Dubsado excels in automation, allowing coaches to automate routine tasks like sending reminders, follow-up emails, and client onboarding.

While Dubsado offers a comprehensive set of features, some users may find the pricing structure slightly on the higher side, especially if they are running smaller coaching businesses.

Additionally, for those seeking detailed reporting, the platform’s reporting options may be considered basic.

Ability to track client statusComplexity and time investment to learn the system
Dynamic, flexible proposalsSlow to load between pages
Coaching service automation 
Secure portal for sensitive information 
Canned email templates 
Lead capture forms and workflows

HoneyBook: Intuitive All-in-One Platform

Plans & PricingStarter: $9.5/month or $8/month (annual)
Essentials: $19.5/month or $16/month (annual)
Premium: $39.5/month or $33/month (annual)
– 7-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee available for all plans​
User FeedbackUsers appreciate the platform’s ability to combine multiple functions into one user-friendly platform

With HoneyBook, coaches can access a variety of features such as invoicing, contract signing, booking and scheduling, workflow automation, and inquiry tracking, all designed to manage business operations effectively and maintain a professional image.

Coaching Forms and Templates
Pricing GuidesContracts
BrochuresSatisfaction Questionnaire
Welcome PacketsProfessional Invoices

Coaches can use these coaching forms and templates to ensure timely payments, secure contract signing, streamline scheduling, and automate key communication and task follow-ups, ultimately saving time and maintaining consistency in client interactions.

The combination of these coaching forms and templates with HoneyBook’s other features, such as the intuitive interface and all-in-one platform capabilities, make it a robust choice for coaches looking to manage their business efficiently.

However, it’s worth noting that while HoneyBook does offer customization, it may have limitations for those seeking a high level of specificity in their branding, and there is a learning curve involved in mastering all the features available on the platform.

Comprehensive featuresIntegration limitations
Collaboration capabilitiesScalability challenges
Client-focused interface 
Effective coaching plan 
Time-Tracking features 
Mobile accessibility 

The Coaching Tools Company: Top Choice for Free Coaching Resources

Plans & PricingFree + Paid (Starting: $9.95 only)
Review & Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐
User FeedbackThe tools are appreciated for their role in making coaching sessions more fun and engaging

The Coaching Tools Company is a game-changer for life, business, and health coaches seeking to elevate their practice. From The Wheel of Life to Daily Success Habits, their suite of coaching forms and templates offers a robust framework for client growth and engagement.

Coaching Forms, Templates, and Toolkits
Wheel of Life Template with InstructionsCoaching Intake Session Checklist
Client Action Sheet TemplateBlank Coaching Wheel
Action Brainstorming Worksheet21 Questions for Extraordinary Goal-Setting
Time Management ToolkitVision & GOAL-Setting Toolkit

Coaches will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of these resources, which are not only easy to use but customizable, enabling a tailored coaching experience. These fully designed coaching forms and templates save precious time, foster professional credibility, and most importantly, make coaching sessions more impactful and enjoyable. This company is a boon for coaches aiming to deepen their practice while providing memorable and transformative coaching experiences.

Easy-to-useCost considerations 
Excellent customer serviceMay not be relevant to all coaches
Free E-books for coaches Some templates look outdated (design)
Brandable and ready to go 

Coach Accountable: A Robust Platform With Coaching Forms and Templates For Many Coaching Niches

Plans & PricingStarting at $20/month
Review & Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
User FeedbackThe tools are appreciated for their role in making coaching sessions more fun and engaging

Coach Accountable has been around for over a decade and is known for being a versatile, flexible platform with great customer service and reliability. We have written an in-depth review about Coach Accountable before.

The great thing about them is that their templates are organized by coaching niche or specialty and fully integrate with the platform.

Coaching Template Packages Offered:

Free Coaching Forms and Templates
Wheel of Life Check-InClient Satisfaction Check-In
Kickstart WorksheetsDaily Affirmations Journal
Why Coaching? ExplainerOnboarding Sequences
Pre-Breakthrough Session WorksheetClient Satisfaction Check-In
ADHD CourseSample Coaching Agreement (ICF)

The full integration with the platform and easy setup will be greatly appreciates by coaches who want to get their business up and running in under an hour (yes, that’s possible). These packages give you a great start that you can simply build on by adding your own files and forms over time.

This company is and absolute must if you aim to drive lasting transformation and care about holding your clients accountable and using metrics to show progress.

User friendlyA bit of a learning curve
Fair pricing, 30-day trial
Supreme customer service
Free (actually helpful) webinars for coaches  
Brandable and ready to go 

Empowering Coaching Practices: 8 Essential Coaching Forms and Templates for Success

Coaching templates are essential tools for any coaching practice or coaching program. They provide a structured framework for coaches to work with their clients effectively, helping both parties achieve their coaching goals.

These templates encompass a wide range of services and processes, making them versatile and adaptable to various needs and types of coaching relationships.

1. Coaching Contract

This coaching contract template outlines the terms of the coaching relationship, covering essential aspects such as fees, session frequency, cancellation policies, and confidentiality agreements. It serves as a legally binding document to establish clear expectations.

2. Proposal

A well-crafted proposal template outlines the approach, methodology, and expected outcomes, helping clients understand the value of coaching engagement.

3. Invoice 

Invoice templates ensure consistency, accuracy, and a clear breakdown of coaching fees, facilitating smooth financial transactions.

4. Questionnaire 

Customizable questionnaire templates assist coaches in structuring questions to obtain comprehensive insights and tailor individual sessions accordingly.

5. Session Evaluation

Post-coaching session evaluations provide an opportunity for clients to provide feedback. Templates for session evaluations help coaches assess the effectiveness of their methods, identify areas for improvement, and strengthen the overall coaching experience.

6. Goal Setting

At the core of coaching lies the essential practice of goal setting. These templates play a collaborative role, assisting coaches and clients in defining and documenting SMART goals together.

8. Communication Plan

Establishing a clear communication plan ensures that both coaches and clients are on the same page regarding the frequency, methods, and expectations of communication between sessions. 

The Bottom Line

The platforms we’ve explored offer more than just forms and templates; they provide a foundation upon which you can build and refine your coaching process. Whether you’re just starting your coaching business or you’re looking to enhance your established practice, the right tools and templates can revolutionize the way you work. They support various coaching strategies and align with your chosen coaching model.

By integrating these tools into your practice, you’re not only sharpening your coaching skills but also adopting techniques that keep you at the forefront of the coaching profession. As you continue to evolve and adapt, remember that the effectiveness of your coaching is often a reflection of the tools you employ. Use them wisely to create a more organized, impactful, and successful coaching journey.

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